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Am I Pretty?

Name:Jet Marie Coffey

DOB:October 7th, 1987. Rabbit, bitches!

Location:Long Island, NY

Straight/gay/bi:Bi, but not in the "omg I hook up with girls when I get drunk way."

Single?(if not show us a picture):Getting married, but I don't have a picture of us together. (I know, hard to believe!)

Movies (at least 5):V for Vendetta ( I'm obsessed. This is on the back of my neck.), Night Of The Living Dead, Anchorman, May and West Side Story

Bands (at least 5):Within Temptation, The Medieval Babes, System Of A Down, Opeth, Evanescence

Quote:"Vi Veri Veniversum Vivus Vici."
Roughly translated: By the power of Truth, I while living have conqured the Universe.

Famous person, and why:Marylin Monroe. She was an absolutly gorgeous person and set the standard that bigger women are beautiful too. She was bright and shining whenever she went anywhere, and had a wonderful heart.

About you:
Likes:Funny bumber stickers to put on my car, red hair dye, long nights discussing deep things with my best friends, car rides to the beach around 3AM, cats, tattoos, piercings, BDSM, dancing when no one is looking, men in masks who can blow stuff up, singing, medieval music, cosplaying, dressing up in pretty dresses, shocking people, spending money (but not always my own), ferrets, anime, impromptu pole dancing, feminine men, and randomness.

Dislikes:Stuffy stuck up people, really hot weather, fat people who try to wear size small, mainstreamers, drunks, spiders, wasabi, dieting, anyone who spends more time on their hair then being at the actual event they did it for, actual racists, people who argue with me.

Make us laugh:Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

News that shocked you the most in the past week: When I found out that there were bomb threats made on the Planned Parenthood by me that did abortions.

Give your opinion on at least 2 of these subjects;
Abortion, Animaltesting, Death Penalty, Drugs, Positive discrimination, suicide, vegetarian.

Abortion: Being someone who thought they were pregnant and wouldn't have been able to give birth, I understand the fear and hatred that comes from within a person who may have to get an abortion. It is an absolute pro-choice topic for me. I believed in it fully before and even more-so after my scare. To think that some man I never met before in my life is trying to, has taken, or is otherwise planning to take away my right to choose to be a mother or not makes me sick. And I do, honestly, feel for the unborn child. I don't belive in abortion after the first trimester. Before that, I think it's just a ball of cells.

Suicide: This is another personal topic for me. I lost a good friend to suicide. I think it the most selfish, stupid thing a person could do in their entire life. They're so wrapped up in their own pain and misery that they don't think of all the people that love them that'll have to be at their funeral. It's a stupid vicious cycle that can be broken by seeking help. And it is NEVER an answer to a problem. "Suicide is a long term solution to a short term problem."

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Pictures, at least 3!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I'm in the corset. That was infront of 700 people. Kinda embarrassing, but a great photo-op.

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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