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Am I Pretty??

Name: Kim
DOB: 21-11-1988
Location: Emmeloord, The Netherlands.
Straight/gay/bi: Straight.
Single?(if not show us a picture):

No I have a very cute boyfriend! Emiel (L)

Movies (at least 5): Intervieuw with the vampire, Spirited Away, Lord of the rings, Pulp Fiction, The cat returns, The butterfly effect. I like manga ^^
Bands (at least 5): Infected Mushroom, Kana, Cinema Strange, Moi dix mois, Him, Muse.
Quote: "I wish at stars, I cry at sunsets."
Famous person, and why: Kana, because her music is the greatest and I know nobody else who dresses so pretty as she does.. :)BTW ; Kana is a japanese Lolita singer ^^

About you:
Likes: Everything japanese (fashion, culture, music), manga, design clothing, shopping, fashion, cats, my boy, internet, my cellphone, piano.
Dislikes: People who talk about bullshit all the time and act like they know everything but in fact they are really dumb. Having no money.
Make us laugh:

How cute ..

News that shocked you the most in the past week: Last weekend a guy in subway in Paris was rubbing his dick against my boyfriends shoulder...-_- fucking idiots....

Give your opinion on at least 2 of these subjects;
Abortion, Animaltesting, Death Penalty, Drugs, Positive discrimination, suicide, vegetarian.

Animal testing:
I hate animal testing. It should be forbidden and I hate the fact that it isnt yet. I'm also a member of the organisation EDEV (een dier een vriend). We support animal rights.

I'm not a vegetarian, because I like meat and I think thats okay because I'm a human and humans eat meat, thats nature. I understand that someone wants to be vegetarion... sometimes meat makes me sick to but I wont be vegetarian. BUT I eat very less meat, I think that if everyone should eat less meat it would be so much better because now we eat much more than we need and poor animals need to be killed for that and that happens in a awfull bad way..

Promote this comm at 2 places, and show us the link

Pictures, at least 3!

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