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Are you pretty?

Yes or no??

Posting Access:
Anybody , Moderated
This is a community where you will be judged by your outside AND your inside.It's not about rude remarks or learning about your biology, with other words; NO nudity.
we've not much guys around here, so please promote for guys! Of course girls are very welcome too!
If you're rejected, you've the possibility to try again after a week, no less! You can try it over and over again, but probably we get bored of you and think you're vexed and we'll ban you after a while, so please know when it's enough, and get the point you're ugly.
Also we ask members to post pictures as much as they can to keep the community as alive as possible!

And promote promote promote!!!

The Rules

For new applicants
• We accept or reject you, when we feel like it (of course you need more 'yes' to be accepted!)
We're not online 24/7 so please be patient till you get the accepted/rejected banner.
• Do not vote or comment on other people until you are an accepted member! You will be banned if you don't follow this rule
• we are brutal honest… so if you can't stand negative criticism or rejection, don’t join.
• We do not like your drama, just accept that if you get the no's we think your ugly, but do NOT get ugly to us because we're way better in that.
• You MUST put your whole application behind a lj-cut, we do not want our lay-out screwed up.
• post at least 3 clear pictures!
• Don’t delete your post
• Fill in the whole application
• Put “Am I pretty?” in the subject line so we know you read the rules
• Questions? Go to the journal of one of the mods, we will help you.
• You need a minimum of 2more "yesses" or "no's" to be accepted/rejected

For accepted members
• Posting pictures is great, but if it’s a very big photo or more then 1 post it behind a cut.
• If you vote put yes or no in the subject line and explain your vote
• Don’t be too rude to accepted members
• You can be as bitchy as you want to new applications but don’t be unreasonable!
• Promoting other comms here is allowed, but you must put it behind a LJ-cut and you have to promote our comm somewhere else, too!.
• The vote of the mod counts 2times


So, I've been thinking,
we need an other way to chose the member of the month
I'll make a little application,
just some name/place/likes things.

I'll 'invite' 2 or 3 members to post that app,
with 2 - 5 pictures.
The members can rate the app's by giving them a score between 0 and 10.
After 2 weeks, the person with the highest score,
is the Member of the month. :)


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pretty_you member of January/February;


Accepted Members
501015___ Raechel
_____oops_ Jodi
lovebirdy Lilian
___sexandcandyx Dani
__bingedrinking Nicole
__goddamn Francis
_dramaqueen Rachella
_electric_sheep Jaqueline
_illusiveallure Allure
_jolan Jolanda
_oceanborn_ Säde
xfade_to_black Angela
_zij Lotte
android_kitty_ Chantal
argiejoy Argie
bashram Bashram
blessed_x_agony Ashley
carpoolaccident Marcel
cyberreflecti0n Natasja
dagdromen Sanne
dopeslave Lisa
electric__pink Rose
electropyri Nanda
elevator_music Kelly
essepoester Esther
evil_starr Lis
fluffy_doll_ Esther
foolscorner Anne
freakstar Robin
funkheaven Steffi
gedachtengang Dymfna
gothic_strawbry Devi
innocent_doll Meral
insanity___ Annemarie
itendswithafall Amanda
killvalentine__ Denise
kleinehiena Quirine
lechatnoir_ Susanne
lonely_raisa Marjo
lying_truth Safira
markawongthong Malisa
melfyn Melfyn
miss____evasive Erlinda
sterrr_ Martine
moey_ Monique
msmelodyglitter Anne
nadines Nadine
natasja Natasja
orodreth__ Thomas
pinkduckii Vanessa
poo_princess Claudia
porcelyndoll Francis
samstertje Sam
sawna Sanne
snowflache Luke
suicidaldream__ Leonie
syqnystrovijia Nanda
thisisastakeout Amanda
tigeress13 Nikki
toverstafje Lotte
verlangens Lisa
wickedgames_ Esther
wildrosesgrow Roos
x_kenai_x Sarah
xtishx Tineke



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